The Chicago Teachers Union is making more than 700 demands in its contract negotiations and threatening a strike if the city doesn’t pay up.

Led by Stacy Davis Gates, who sends her own child to a private school, the union is pushing for lower standards for teacher performance and “restorative justice” policies that make schools unsafe. It even wants to repurpose unused school facilities to house illegal immigrants—all on the taxpayers’ dime!

To make matters worse, the union wants to prohibit school employees from notifying parents when their child rejects his or her biological sex and chooses to use a different name and pronouns at school. 

Under the proposed contract, the school district will have to remove police from the schools but hire a “newcomer liaison” at each school for the purpose of welcoming illegal immigrants. 

The new contract would allow the union to close schools after “trauma” until “necessary supports” are in place—and, of course, it’s up to the union to define what trauma is, and what supports it thinks students need. Until then, it can keep schools shuttered, locking students out of the education they need and deserve. 

The Illinois Policy Institute published the proposed contract, which will be negotiated over the coming months. 

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