May Mailman, director of Independent Women’s Law Center, joins She Thinks podcast as part of a mini-series discussing the Westenbroek v. Kappa Kappa Gamma lawsuit in anticipation of the upcoming oral arguments on May 14. Guest host Julie Gunlock dives into the specifics of the lawsuit with May Mailman, as Mailman will be representing the plaintiffs, arguing on their behalf in defense of protecting women’s spaces. Gunlock and Mailman discuss the psychological harm and invasion of privacy endured by the plaintiffs due to Kappa Kappa Gamma’s decision to accept a male member, and the current standing of the case. To learn more about the oral arguments before the Tenth Circuit Court of Appeals, click here.

May Mailman is the Independent Women’s Law Center director and lead counsel in the Westenbroek v. Kappa Kappa Gamma lawsuit.