WASHINGTON, D.C. — Today, Independent Women’s Forum (IWF) announced a landmark victory in detransitioner and IWF Ambassador Prisha Mosley’s lawsuit after the first substantive hearing in her case against “gender-affirming” medical professionals took place, making this case the first detransitioner lawsuit of its kind is ruled legally viable and allowed to move forward in the court of law in the United States.

The lawsuit was brought against eight defendants, including a plastic surgeon, two licensed counselors, and a physician, who Prisha alleges persuaded her to undergo “gender affirming care” treatments at just 17 years old. Prisha alleges she was misled into taking testosterone injections and having her healthy breasts removed, turning her into a lifelong medical patient.

Prisha is also suing for fraud and negligence after the healthcare professionals advised her toward medicalization despite her history of trauma and well-documented mental illnesses.

Prisha contended that her lawsuit has merit and should proceed to trial, despite the defendants’ motion to dismiss the case. In a groundbreaking victory on May 7th, Judge Robert Ervin of the North Carolina Superior Court signed an order in which he denied the Defendants’ motions to dismiss with respect to Prisha’s claims for fraud, facilitating fraud, and civil conspiracy. 

Prisha’s lawsuit states, in part:

“These individuals whom Prisha trusted to care for her lied to and misled her into these treatments and procedures for the purpose of making money off of her and bolstering their credentials in the emerging field of so-called ‘gender-affirming care.’”

Josh Payne, Prisha’s lead attorney with the firm of Campbell Miller Payne, which represents detransitioners nationwide, said: “This is the first substantive ruling we are aware of in which a Court has held that a detransitioner’s case against her health care professionals is legally viable. We are honored to represent Prisha as she pursues justice for herself and her family and tries to prevent what happened to her from happening to others.”

“I am grateful that the Court has recognized my case has merit” said Mosley. “The legal process can be daunting. I am encouraged by the Court’s ruling in my favor, and I am determined to see the case through to a final victory. Young people struggling with their mental health, like I was, deserve better. They need compassionate support. They do not deserve to be lied to and misled into life-altering medical procedures that only cause harm.”

Kelsey Bolar, who was the first to report on Prisha’s story as part of IWF’s Identity Crisis documentary series, said: “This ruling is a historic step in Prisha’s fight for justice against the providers who caused her lifelong pain and suffering, and for all detransitioners as they fight for dignity and justice. Prisha is one of many detransitioners who needed mental health care, but was instead prescribed testosterone and a double mastectomy. All those involved in the practice of exploiting the insecurities and mental health struggles that young people like Prisha face should take note of this landmark ruling: A reckoning is coming.”

Prisha’s lawsuit reflects the growing movement of individuals across the country who want to prevent other young people from suffering the consequences of pervasive gender ideology and hold those responsible for medicalizing otherwise healthy children and teens accountable. Prisha has been a leading voice for detrainsitioners on the negative impact of “gender affirming care” and the malpractice of health professionals by sharing her story through Independent Women’s Forum’s Identity Crisis documentary series.

More of Prisha’s past efforts to amplify the voices of detransitioners harmed by the gender ideology movement in health care: 

As an IWF Ambassador and destransitioner, Prisha is a bold voice speaking out against the gender ideology movement which caused her years of psychological and physical pain. Now that her case is moving forward, the first detransitioner lawsuit of its kind, Prisha is making history in bringing justice to patients harmed by gender affirming care.



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