The Biden administration’s handling of the U.S. border has been catastrophic, causing significant damage to national security and public safety. Recent events underscore the gravity of the situation, and news that President Biden is considering temporarily shutting down the southern border seems more like a last-minute campaign move than a strategy to protect Americans. 

One of the most serious concerns has been the number of individuals on terrorist watchlists entering the country. Hundreds of such individuals have crossed the border and remain unaccounted for, posing a significant threat to national security​​. This isn’t just about numbers; it’s about the very real possibility of terrorist attacks, given that even a few operatives can cause massive devastation.

Similarly, drug smuggling, particularly of fentanyl, has escalated dramatically thanks to the Biden administration’s lawless border. The flood of drugs into the U.S. has led to increased overdose deaths and fueled violent crime​. 

Adding to the complexity of this issue are the frequent incursions by unmanned aircraft systems (UAS). Over 1,000 drone incursions are reported monthly along the southern border, often linked to drug and human traffickers​​. These drones represent a significant surveillance threat and a tool for illegal operations to develop pathways to move dangerous individuals into the country undetected.

For example, just in 2023, there have been repeated attempts by Chinese nationals to infiltrate U.S. military bases. Over 100 incidents have been recorded where these individuals, posing as tourists, tried to gain unauthorized access to sensitive sites, including missile ranges and intelligence centers​​. Such espionage activities underscore severe security lapses and pose a direct threat to national security.

Moreover, in the last 30 days, there have been multiple other incidents involving illegal immigrants attempting to infiltrate U.S. military bases. 

On May 3, 2024, two Jordanian nationals posing as Amazon delivery drivers tried to breach the Quantico Marine Corps Base in Virginia. They arrived at the base’s main gate in a box truck, claiming they had a delivery for the base’s post office. When they failed to provide the necessary credentials and ignored instructions to wait in a holding area, they attempted to drive onto the base but were stopped by vehicle denial barriers and detained by military police. The individuals were later turned over to U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE). It was reported, though not confirmed, that one of them was on the U.S. terrorist watch list​.

Additionally, on May 23, 2024, a 17-year-old Mexican national jumped the fence at Laughlin Air Force Base in Texas while attempting to evade border patrol agents. This also happened in March 2024, when a Chinese national illegally entered the Marine Corps Air Ground Combat Center in Twentynine Palms, California. The individual ignored orders to leave and was detained by military law enforcement. Such incidents underscore the vulnerabilities at U.S. military bases and the broader national security threats posed by unauthorized entries. 

Unfortunately, it’s not these events but election-year politics that seems to be driving Biden to  contemplate an executive action to temporarily shut down the southern border. But this move is too little, too late. In many cases, terrorists—and others who wish to do the U.S. harm—are already here, and have been for some time.    

To truly secure the homeland, there needs to be the implementation of comprehensive and decisive actions. Strengthening border patrol capabilities, enhancing surveillance, and improving intelligence efforts are crucial steps. A temporary shutdown of the border might offer a brief respite, but it does not address the deeper issues that have led to the current crisis.

Simply, Biden and his administration have failed to prioritize the safety and security of Americans. I fear we have not yet seen the worst ramifications of these choices.