America has a Housing Crisis

  • With a deficit of millions of housing units needing to be built compared to our growing population, housing prices have soared.
  • As a result, a record 22.4 million renters—half of all renter households—pay more than a third of their income on rent. For younger generations starting families, homeownership is increasingly an unattainable dream.
  • The U.S. must expand the supply of housing to measurably reduce housing costs. This can be done by ramping up new construction or expanding residential units in existing structures.

ADUs Can Help Relieve The Housing Shortage

  • Accessory dwelling units (ADUs) such as English basements, in-law suites, or converted garages can make excellent dwelling spaces for individual renters or family members.
  • ADUs can generate needed primary or supplemental income for property owners while increasing their home values. Renters gain access to affordable units that are often less expensive than traditional one-bedroom apartments.
  • ADUs allow older women to age in their homes, build financial security in their later years, or be cared for by loved ones.

Policymakers Must Unlock the Potential of ADUs

  • States and localities should reform their zoning and land-use regulations and laws to permit the sensible development of ADUs.
  • Through grants, low-interest loans, or tax relief for adding an ADU to a property, policymakers can help property owners defray building costs and the costs of securing permits for their added units.
  • Governments and localities should streamline opaque or biased approval procedures that lead to delays and sink projects. 

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