In what has become a signature move of social media companies looking to censor viewpoints that don’t fit their politics, TikTok permanently suspended the woman-owned, woman-led, and woman-designed sportswear company, XX-XY Athletics, for violating advertising policies – without naming any of the specific ads or policies in question. 

XX-XY Athletics launched in March 2024, and is the leading athletic brand that stands up for girl’s and women’s sports in a culture oversaturated with gender ideology. The brand, founded by former USA champion gymnast Jennifer Sey, had only been running ads on TikTok for two days before it was banned on June 18, 2024.

“If you think girls’ and women’s equality matter, stand up,” the ad said. “If girls’ and women’s sports matter, and you want your daughters to have the same opportunity you had, stand up. If you know that it isn’t fair, or safe, to allow males to compete in girls’ sports, because it’s, well, obvious, stand up.”

“…we deserve our own sports, privacy, fairness, safety. We deserve a chance to compete, and win. So don’t be ‘nice.’ Don’t be ‘careful.’ Be honest.  Be brave. Fight for women. We’ve come too far to give up now.” 

Sey told Independent Women’s Forum: 

“TikTok permanently banning our ads, indicating that they are offensive in some way, is why people are afraid to stand up and defend women’s sports and space. The ad is uplifting. It lifts up women’s voices. Being told our ad is too offensive to run is exactly why we need this brand. To normalize saying we deserve our own sports, and to inspire others to stand up for women. When we all stand together we can’t be canceled. Common sense will prevail.”

This is not the first time that XX-XY Athletics founder and CEO Sey had been targeted by the cancel mob, and true to her brand’s ethical guideposts, she’s not backing down. 

Sey wrote in an op-ed in the Washington Examiner

We are unapologetic about our goal of protecting women’s sports and spaces and standing up for truth. And the truth is male biological advantage is the single biggest determinant of athletic performance.

To allow males who say they are women to compete in women’s sports when they are stronger and faster than females is an affront to women, an erasure of the original intent of Title IX, and astonishingly misogynistic, which is why, in the ad, we say, “Don’t let men tell us how to be good girls.”

Let’s face it: It is male bullies who identify as female who are telling us to sit this one out. My answer to that is an unequivocal no.

According to TikTok, the athletic company can still access its account, but its ads will not be delivered because they may feature “offensive content.”

IWF reached out to a spokesperson at TikTok. At the time of publication, TikTok had not yet responded to our request.

Sey suspected the content TikTok didn’t like was two short video clips, one of a male athlete ripping a basketball out of a female athlete’s hands as she falls to the ground and another of a male athlete spiking a volleyball directly into a girl’s face. 

Both clips are real. TikTok didn’t appear offended that athletic associations are putting young female athletes in danger due to their woke politics –– the social media platform’s censorious decision demonstrates it’s instead concerned with women speaking up and advocating for their own safety.  

It’s hard to imagine something more offensive than a male-owned foreign company telling American women to quiet down, but here we are. 

For those interested in supporting the brand, XX-XY Athletics is offering a discount code of 15% off through the end of July. Use code IWF15 at XX-XY Athletics.

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