When I saw news of a 64-year-old man arrested for voyeurism at Eras Tour in Scotland I didn’t think much of it. “That tracks,” I thought to myself, as a reasonable person who knows these types of horrific crimes (and worse) are committed against women daily around the world.

But my thumb stopped when I saw this response from a young woman so outraged not just that a man would violate a woman in this way… but that he did it in the most sacred sanctuary of women and girls: a Taylor Swift concert.

“This is why we choose bears!” she dramatically concludes, alluding to the recent trend of women announcing if they would rather come upon a strange man or a bear in the woods.

As my friend Gabby Hoffman, Director of IWF’s Center for Energy and Conservation, agrees—most of us who have actually had bear encounters and a few strange men encounters still choose a man any day.

But it makes sense that women who have spent their entire adult lives denying nature and dulling their natural instincts with regard to men (and who have clearly no familiarity with the brutality of wild animals) choose bears.

Yes, these same women—these very same women who in one breath cry outrage and horror over voyeurism in what they call a “shrine to girlhood” will turn to defend to the death the “right” of biological men to access girls’ and women’s spaces.

When men obtain sexual gratification from observing women in intimate settings, it’s called voyeurism. 

But—according to the Left—when men pretending to be women obtain sexual gratification from observing women in intimate settings, it’s a BASIC HUMAN RIGHT we must fight to defend. 

Miss me with that.

Yes, ladies: men can be gross. Do you see why I don’t want these dudes using the same locker room as all the little girls getting ready for swim practice?

And do you wonder why these men seek out and demand an audience of (and constant access to) women and children?

While the vast majority of men are not criminals or villains, we should not ignore the very clear reality of violence against and repression of women around the world in places like Iran, Sudan, and Nigeria; the use of rape as a weapon of war in Congo or by Hamas in Israel; and the growing trend of exploitation and murder of women by illegal immigrants both in this country and across Europe.

Men like this exist. So we should do everything in our power to name this threat (and the various ideologies that support it) and act to protect women and girls from it.

We cannot do that until women and girls are once again ENCOURAGED to speak up when they feel a natural instinct and discomfort with the presence of a man in their spaces.