Looking back at the time when I started medicalization to try to make me appear and feel more like a male, I wonder why none of the doctors and nurses spoke up and questioned whether it really made sense to provide life-altering treatments to a severely mentally unwell 14-year-old girl.

Now, seeing the treatment of Dr. Eithan Haim by the Department of Justice, I know why so many medical professionals are silent—even while they watch children butchered and maltreated.

Dr. Haim was a whistleblower trying to protect vulnerable—like I was—from undergoing radical, experimental, life-altering medical procedures.

In 2023, he learned that Texas Children’s Hospital was performing pediatric sex change procedures and misleading the public about the truth. He helped get that truth out. By exposing what was happening within the hospital, he urged the Texas legislature–the elected representatives of citizens in that state–to take action. Texas outlawed the kind of treatments on minors that he had witnessed.

Yet, just a month after Chris Rufo’s—on Dr. Haim’s documentation—was published in City Journal, federal agents were treating him like a criminal. They claimed that he violated the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA), which is meant to protect individual patient’s privacy. But, according to the reporter who broke the story and who had received the supporting proof from Dr. Haim about what was happening in the hospital, the documents he had provided were carefully redacted to remove individual patient data and comply with HIPAA.

Personally, I am grateful to Dr. Haim. By exposing what was happening at Texas Children’s Hospital, he was protecting vulnerable kids from making mistakes that they are likely to regret for the rest of their lives. The documentation he provided showed that the hospital was implanting cross-sex hormones in children as young as 11 years old.

Does anyone think that even a mentally healthy 11-year-old has the maturity to understand what the loss of sexual function, compromised fertility, and heightened risks of numerous serious, irreversible conditions—from brittle bones to vaginal atrophy to tumor growth—really mean? And most children who are seeking out these treatments are not mentally healthy. Many, like me, struggle with issues such as autism, ADHD, eating disorders and depression. Many are struggling with their sexuality or have been—like I was—victims of sexual abuse. They are looking for a quick and mapped-out fix to make their problems go away.

These gender treatments are sold by much of society as that “easy” fix. It’s incredibly disappointing, even disgusting, that so many medical professionals who have pledged to “do no harm” have fueled this delusion and encouraged young children to go down this path.

Dr. Haim says he won’t be silenced or intimidated by the Department of Justice or anyone else who is targeting him. He is encouraging other medical professionals to join him and do what is right in speaking out against a treatment regime that is hurting too many vulnerable kids. Just last week, the pediatricians of the American College of Pediatricians signed the Doctors Protecting Children Declaration calling on medical institutions to stop using the current medicalized and harmful treatment protocols on minors. Let’s hope this is the beginning of more people speaking out.

I am doing my part to try to make sure that no child ever suffers like I did by being rushed through experimental and irreversible gender treatments. I hope that by taking action now, and holding those responsible to account, I will prevent this from happening to others.

I will not be silenced. Dr. Haim will not be silenced. An ever-growing population of brave de-transitioners are also speaking out against a medical establishment that is simply failing vulnerable patients. Too many vulnerable children have suffered as a result of an ideologically driven treatment regime. It is time for this experiment to end. None of us should be silenced for speaking the truth.