The “Take Back Title IX” Bus Tour builds on the momentum the Our Bodies, Our Sports coalition has built over the past two years standing up for women and girls — creating the largest, most ideologically diverse women’s movement of our time. 

Join our fight to take back Title IX.

Women’s sports are important and must be fair. Women’s safety, privacy, and opportunity cannot be sacrificed. The dreams and aspirations of girls cannot be given away.   

To date, males have stolen 998 trophies, medals, and titles from women and girls across 492 different competitions and over 35 different sports. The harm caused is exponential, as every time a man even competes in an event or makes a team, a female athlete loses an opportunity to race, a spot on the team, or playing time on the field. And this is to say nothing of the increased risk of injury and the trauma inflicted when female athletes are forced, without their consent, to share locker rooms with male athletes.

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