K-12 public education has maintained a near-monopoly for decades. In fact, other than state-owned monopolies in China, it is the largest monopoly in the world. As a result of the public education monopoly, most Americans have not had an option beyond their residentially-assigned school for their K-12 education.

Today, there are roughly 50 million public school students in the United States. Those students require the staffing of teachers, and membership dues to teachers unions are deducted from the paychecks of many public school teachers, totaling hundreds of millions of dollars each year.

The teachers unions use a significant portion of that money to fund political endeavors and campaigns of the Democratic Party. That money buys the teachers unions protection of the public school monopoly and enormous political power.

The implications of the teachers unions’ massive power are significant, as witnessed by keeping schools closed in some states spanning three separate school years in order to get irrelevant political demands met.

Teachers unions have control over children. But even more so, they have control over the future of America by controlling the American mind through what is taught to children in public schools. It is a monopoly of the mind.

On an economic side, ask a public school student about free markets and capitalism, which built our country, and they will attack it while defending Marxism and socialism.

Ideas have consequences, and after 13 years of teachers union-controlled public school indoctrination, students exit the system around the age of 18, eligible to vote. They have been conditioned to support candidates and ideas that aren’t in their best interest or the future of our country.

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