WASHINGTON, D.C. — Today, Independent Women’s Forum (IWF) released the latest episode in its exclusive docu-series, “Identity Crisis,” featuring detransitioner and Independent Women’s Forum Ambassador Prisha Mosley, who first shared her story with IWF. After unexpectedly becoming pregnant, Mosley decided to tell the painful truth about the consequences that “medical transition” had on her pregnancy. IWF’s “Identity Crisis” series tells the stories of detransitioners, parents, and experts who have experienced the harms of the gender ideology movement first-hand, and who now warn of the harms of socially and medically “transitioning.”

Mosley, who last month achieved a landmark victory in a lawsuit she brought against her “gender-affirming” medical professionals, began taking testosterone at just 17 years old and underwent elective surgery to remove both of her healthy breasts at 18. Shortly thereafter, she came to regret these decisions, which she says were the result of healthcare providers failing to treat her underlying mental health conditions. During her pregnancy, Mosley says it was “difficult to be an experiment again,” after continually suffering with “no standard of care” as a detransitioner.

Mosley gave birth to her baby boy on June 3, 2024.

Watch Prisha’s detransitioner pregnancy story

“I didn’t imagine that I was going to get pregnant. I didn’t imagine that I was going to have kids or want to breastfeed,” Prisha Mosley says in the documentary. “But I mean, when we get older and we get wiser, I guess I just can see why this stuff is only sold to children or people who are incredibly vulnerable and desperate.”

In the documentary, Mosley details her high-risk pregnancy and the extra measures she was forced to take as a result of opposite-sex hormones and surgery, including additional ultrasounds, vaginal, pelvic, and uterine atrophy; incontinence; and severe neck and shoulder pain. Mosley also said her hip bones are too small because she did not finish puberty before being prescribed testosterone, meaning there is not a lot of space between her hips for the baby as he grows, ruling out natural delivery. 

Kelsey Bolar, IWF’s Director of Storytelling, executive producer of the series, and the first to report on Prisha’s story as part of IWF’s “Identity Crisis” documentary series, said, “While it’s now clear that the medical risks of so-called gender ‘treatments’ far outweigh any potential benefits, we are only beginning to understand the long-term implications. Unfortunately, detransitioner Prisha Mosley found herself the subject of yet another medical experiment when she unexpectedly became pregnant after believing she was infertile. While Mosley was grateful for the ability to get pregnant, her motherhood journey is now laced with a host of medical complications and unknowns. Mosley’s pregnancy story is the first the public is hearing from a detransitioner, but as more children and teens who identified as transgender enter their childbearing years, it tragically won’t be the last. By vulnerably sharing her high-risk pregnancy journey, Mosley is saving an untold number of children and adolescents from having to undergo the pain and suffering that she’s tragically experienced.”

As an IWF Ambassador and destransitioner, Prisha Mosley is an important voice speaking out on behalf detransitioners and exposing the harms of so-called “gender affirming care.” 

More of Mosley’s past efforts to amplify the voices of detransitioners harmed by the gender ideology movement in health care: 

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