October Roundtable: Obamacare: To Delay, Defund, or Defy?

6:30 pm

On October 1, health care exchanges across the country went live for the first time, giving many Americans their first taste of new laws regarding health care.

While the center right has been generally aligned on a goal of mitigating what they see as harmful impacts of increased federal involvement in health care, there has been less agreement on the best strategy to achieve this.

Some members of Congress support defunding certain programs as a means of hobbling implementation, while others see delay provisions as a better strategy. Meanwhile, in the states, think tanks and legislators are taking matters into their own hands and considering different policy approaches altogether, many with an eye towards limiting the role of the federal government.

What are the pros and cons of each of these strategies? Is this better resolved at the state or national level?

Join America’s Future Foundation for a lively discussion with our stellar line-up of panelists.

Sean Riley
Director of the Health and Human Services Task Force, ALEC

Ron Henry
President, Men’s Health Network

Hadley Heath 
Senior Policy Analyst, Independent Women’s Forum

Josh Trent
Health Policy Advisor, Senate Staff

Moderated by
Christian Rice

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