In April 2024, the Biden administration issued an administrative rule that unlawfully rewrites Title IX, a law that prohibits sex discrimination in education. The Biden rule flips Title IX on its head, pitting the rights of women against the desires of males who identify as women.

The Biden rule redefines “sex” to include “gender identity,” declares unlawful longstanding policies requiring individuals to use bathrooms matching their biological sex, and upends the foundation of women’s sports. The new rule also demands that schools prohibit gender identity-based “harassment,” now so broadly defined as to require that students use “pronouns and names consistent with a student’s gender identity.” The rule also makes several changes that restrict students’ ability to defend themselves from accusations of misconduct under Title IX. The rule, among other changes, eliminates an accused’s right to a live hearing, right to cross-examination of the accuser or other witnesses, right to fairly access all evidence, protection against a recipient’s use of a single-investigator model, and right to have investigations start with a written complaint.

Independent Women’s Forum filed its lawsuit on April 29 in the Northern District of Alabama. The coalition of plaintiffs include Parents Defending Education, Speech First, and the states of Florida, Georgia, Alabama, and South Carolina.

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