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January 12 2011

Half the States in the Union are Suing the Federal Government

Hadley Heath

On Constitutionality Corner, the Health Care Lawsuits blog, I joked that Steve Six is not in Kansas any more:

Former Kansas Attorney General Steve Six had refused to sue the federal government over the health reform law.  But now a new Attorney General, Derek Schmidt, has filed a formal request to add Kansas to the multistate case in Florida.  By my tally, the number of plaintiff states in the Florida case is now up to 23.  Along with Virginia and Oklahoma, who are suing in separate individual cases, this makes for a grand total of 25 states.  Half of the states in the union are suing the federal government. 

Schmidt had promised to join the lawsuit during his campaign.  He took office on Monday and filed the request Wednesday (today).  Way to make good on a promise!

How can the federal government continue to defend a law that tramples on our constitutional rights and takes away from the sovereignty of states?  They've tried to dismiss these cases as frivolous, but now there are 25 states involved. 

Just since January 1, 2011, four states have joined the ranks of the plaintiff states.  Wisconsin and Ohio are joining the Florida suit.  Oklahoma is filing on its own.  And today, Kansas announces that it will join the Florida case as well.  The powers-at-be seem content ignoring public opinion on the health reform law, but ultimately they cannot ignore the Constitution.  Judge Roger Vinson is expected to hand down a Summary Judgment ruling in the Florida case in the next few days.  Visit www.healthcarelawsuits.org for more information!

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