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June 3 2011

You Should Sign Up for the Daily Dose

Hadley Heath

Did you know that Independent Women's Forum and Independent Women's Voice have teamed up to offer you a daily email message about all things related to health care policy and news?

The name of this email is "The Daily Dose" and you can sign up at SavingOurHealthCare.org.

I was looking through my Daily Dose today and found some of today's coolest, wittiest, most informative Web content on health care stuff.  Some examples include:

  • ObamaCare's Unlimited Power, an editorial from Washington Times that examines a question from oral arguments in the Thomas More Law Center case: Where is the limit on congressional power?
  • Health-Care Initiative Draws Fire, a Wall Street Journal piece that reports on the bad outlook for Accountable Care Organizations,
  • Irrational Exuberance and Accountable Care Organizations, commentary from Forbes about why ACOs won't work,
  • Obama Solicitor General: If You Don't Like Mandate, Earn Less Money, a startling report from the Washington Examiner about what the Justice Department really thinks about the individual mandate in ObamaCare,
  • Like ObamaCare, Britain's NHS Faces Funding Crisis, from Habledash, on how the promises of socialized medicine never come true...
  • and Here comes ObamaCare's Big Brother: Accountable Care Organizations, a funny, but serious comparison in the Christian Science Monitor: Suppose President Obama declared he would tackle rising food prices by forcing everyone to eat at government-supervised restaurant chains.

Wouldn't it be nice if someone compiled 10-12 good reads like this for you everyday, and emailed them straight to your inbox?  Oh wait, that's exactly what the Daily Dose does... so you should sign up now!

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