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October 12 2018

A Particularly Chilling Take on the Kavanaugh Hearings . . .

by Charlotte Hays

Everybody needs to read Melvin Kelly's letter to the editor on the subject of the Brett Kavanaugh hearings. Mr. Kelly is an eighty-one year old African-American citizen of Severn, Md.

Here is most of his letter:

I can vividly remember hearing my great grandmother talk about how black men needed to be very careful around white women for fear that they might be accused of some improper action which might lead to them being seized by an angry mob and hanged from the nearest tree.

Watching the recent confirmation process for Justice Brett Kavanaugh brought those memories back into a very sharp focus. The actions of Sens. Cory Booker and Kamala Harris were particularly painful to watch because it confirmed the lack of knowledge of our history among younger African-Americans. While a modern day lynching may not lead to the loss of physical life it would surely lead to the loss of emotional and reputational life.

I truly hope that all of America will take a sober look at the recent proceedings and, for the sake of history, choose not to take the country back down the road of deprivation of “due process”.


Thanks, Mr. Kelly, for your courage and clarity.

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