Female Athletes Speak Out at ‘Our Bodies, Our Sports’ Rally on Title IX Anniversary
By Ashley Oliver, featuring IWF’s  Our Bodies, Our Sports rally Competitive swimmer Riley Gaines Barker is one of many who will speak on preserving women-only sports teams on the same day fifty years ago that the Title IX law went into effect to prevent sex-based discrimination in schools. The NCAA deprived Barker… Read More

Policy Chat | Losing the License: Reforming Occupational Licensure
Boosting women’s labor force participation has been a focus of policymakers as the pandemic wanes. One challenge that hinders women and men from joining our labor force is excessive occupational licensure. Government credentials for employment exist in hundreds of occupations from florists to massage therapists to dog walkers. The requirements… Read More

Event | Conference on Women’s Sport
Independent Women’s Forum staffers and storytellers will be participating in the Conference on Women’s Sport, hosted by the Independent Council on Women’s Sport (ICONS), a network and advocacy group comprised of current and former collegiate and professional women athletes and their families and supporters. Jennifer C. Read More

Event | The Effect of Access to Puberty Blockers and Cross-Sex Hormones on Youth Suicide Rates
Ginny Gentles, director of IWF’s Education Freedom Center, will join a panel event hosted by The Heritage Foundation on access to puberty blockers and hormones for youth in relation to mental health and suicide rates. Does easing teenagers’ access to cross-sex medical interventions such as puberty blockers and hormones… Read More

The Future of the Education Freedom Movement
IWF’s Education Freedom Center director, Ginny Gentles, will discuss the future of the education freedom movement with Nicole Neily, founder of Parents Defending Education, and Tiffany Justice, co-founder of Moms for Liberty. Will parents frustrated with radical ideologies in classrooms and COVID-era education disruptions turn into school choice advocates? Tune… Read More

Xi Van Fleet Fights for Parents And Their Children
Xi Van Fleet is an education freedom ambassador with the Independent Women’s Forum’s Education Freedom Center. An immigrant from China, Xi lived through Mao’s Marxist Cultural Revolution as a child. Xi spoke at an Empower Parents Rally in Loudoun County, VA. Below are her prepared marks as well… Read More

Carrie Sheffield Speaks About The Power Of School Choice At Empower Parents Rally
Carrie Sheffield, Senior Policy Analyst at Independent Women’s Forum, spoke about school choice at a rally in Loudoun County, VA. Below are her prepared marks as well as her speech at the event. I bring you greetings from my colleagues at Independent Women’s Forum, especially Ginny Gentles, who couldn’t be… Read More

Connect with Ric Grenell on Biden’s Disastrous Foreign Policy and Economic Record
Join us on May 4 at 12:00 p.m. Eastern for a casual chat between IWN’s Carrie Lukas and Ambassador Ric Grenell discussing our foreign policy crisis, what went wrong post-Trump that led to such chaos, and a bit about the economic crisis, inflation, and other ways the woke left is undermining… Read More

Policy Chat | Tax Day: Truths, Myths, and Facts
Tax Day is one of the most hated days of the year–especially if you owe Uncle Sam. But not everyone loathes Tax Day. Many people receive tax refunds that they use to pay bills, pay for vacations, or purchase cars and other big-ticket items. With rising inflation eroding household budgets,… Read More

The Education Freedom Movement: Past and Present
IWF’s Education Freedom Center director, Ginny Gentles, will discuss the history of the school choice movement with Virginia Walden Ford and Jay Greene. What might the education freedom movement look like in the future as parents frustrated with COVID-era school closures and chaos in classrooms turn into school choice warriors?… Read More

#IWFReads Book Club with Mollie Hemingway
What HAPPENED during the 2020 election? That’s the question many want to know, not just because of how it has affected our country, but because of what it means for the future of our democracy. In this #IWFReads Book Club meetup, we talk with Mollie Hemingway about her new book, … Read More

Policy Chat | Equal Pay Day Everyday
On Equal Pay Day, feminist activists on the left and the mainstream media peddle a false narrative of gender-based victimhood in the workplace. They cite the statistic that women earn about 82 cents — give or take — on every dollar that men earn on average as evidence of rampant… Read More

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