Policy Chat | Marriage & Motherhood: Penalty or Payoff
Marriage rates are declining, leaving more adults single and more likely to never get married. Meanwhile, a quarter of parents living in the U.S. are unmarried. Women today have greater control over their educational and occupational choices as well as family life. However, as they get older, women find fewer… Read More


Making Sense with Charles Payne

Hadley Heath Manning | Blog
Back-To-School Roundtable
Independent Women’s Forum will join the Protect Kids Caucus for a back-to-school roundtable discussion on how to combat the sexualization of children in our schools and protect children’s innocence. The newly-established House Caucus promotes policies and practices that protect children from sexualization and provides a platform for experts and parents… Read More


Video | What’s Driving Expensive Gas?

Mandy Gunasekara | Video

Hearing | Regarding Banning the Sale of Flavored Vapor Products

Lindsey Stroud | Testimony
Policy Chat | Where Have All the Women Gone?
As we prepare to celebrate another Labor Day, the big question is where the workers have gone. Two years after the pandemic knocked millions of workers, especially women, out of the labor force, the U.S. economy has largely regained a sense of normalcy. Some of the challenges that prevented women… Read More


School Choice Opportunities Available to Parents

Ginny Gentles | TV

The New York Times Defends The IRS Workforce Expansion

Dr. Nan Hayworth | TV

Experts Warning of Another Spike in Oil Prices

Mandy Gunasekara | TV

Xi Jinping and Vladimir Putin to Attend G20 Summit in November

Claudia Rosett | TV

Inflation Is Lowering Americans Standard of Living

Patrice Onwuka | TV

Salman Rushdie Attacked In NYC Over “The Satanic Verses”

Dr. Qanta Ahmed | TV

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