Video | Taxing Universities

Inez Feltscher Stepman & Michele Vogt | Video

Despite Aggressions Towards U.S., China Trade with U.S. Hits New High

Michele Vogt & Julie Gunlock | Video

Video | The Risks Of Gender-Transition Treatments In Adolescents

Michele Vogt, Havilah Wingfield & Hadley Heath Manning | Video
Policy Chat | Protecting Lending Services For Unbanked, Low-Income Americans
While the vast majority of Americans possess checking and savings accounts, use credit cards, and finance major purchases with loans, a surprisingly large share of Americans struggle with barriers to opening and maintaining financial accounts. This makes daily life more difficult in an increasingly cashless society—particularly during rising inflation. The… Read More

Policy Chat | Fighting Degree Inflation
One form of inflation flying under the radar is degree inflation. Many more jobs now require a four-year degree than they did in the recent past. The degree may be unconnected to the duties of the job but serves to filter applicant pools. Degree inflation comes with a cost to… Read More


Video | The Military Recruitment Crisis

Meaghan Mobbs & Michele Vogt | Video

Hearing | Examining Alternative Paths to Student Debt That Can Help to Strengthen Small Business

Patrice Onwuka | Testimony
Earth Day: Realistic Ways to Protect Our Environment
Earth Day has become synonymous with the Left’s approach to ‘climate change,’ but what are the conservative efforts to preserve the environment? The federal government, led by the Biden White House, is pursuing policies that set the U.S. back by relying on foreign nations with bad track records for our energy… Read More


Video | Fighting Degree Inflation

Patrice Onwuka & Michele Vogt | Video
Policy Chat | Is it Time to Move Beyond DEI?
For decades, employers have implemented diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) initiatives in hopes of broadening their workforces to include more women and ethnic minorities. From anti-bias training to quotas for leadership and boards, the government and the private sector have sought to socially engineer workplaces to achieve goals of representation… Read More


Video | United States Dietary Guidelines—A Recipe For Health Or Harm?

Patricia Patnode & Michele Vogt | Video

Video | The Painful Reality of Expensive Heat

Mandy Gunasekara & Michele Vogt | Video

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