About the Center for Economic Opportunity

Today, financial security and the ability to climb the economic ladder are more within reach for men and women. America’s dynamic economy is creating new employment paradigms. And public policy is reducing hurdles to enter the labor force and entrepreneurship. With such freedom, women can carve out the future they want for themselves. 

But, there is still more to do. Too many people feel left behind or left out of the prosperity that has lifted so many others into the middle class and higher. Well-intentioned public policies hinder women’s advancement, restrict economic mobility, and stifle innovation.

The Center for Economic Opportunity’s (CEO) goal is to develop and advocate for common-sense policy solutions, grounded in data, to expand workplace choice, flexibility, freedom, and opportunity. Having good intentions is not good enough. We seek outcomes that measurably improve the lives of women and workers. 

The CEO will also inform the public about how antiquated regulations impede progress, and how proposals to increase government micromanaging of the economy and our workplaces could backfire, especially on women.