Asra Nomani

Contributor at The Hill and The Daily Beast, Former Staff Reporter at the Wall Street Journal

Carol Swain

Political Scientist, Member of the James Madison Society

Lou Ann Sabatier

Principal at Sabatier Consulting

Laura Cox Kaplan

Creator/Host at SheSaidSheSaidPodcast

Ashley Carter

At-Large Representative at DC State Board Of Education, DC's RNC Committeewoman, and IW Director

Lisa Daftari

Journalist, Commentator, and TV Personality

Becky Norton Dunlop

Ronald Reagan Distinguished Fellow at the Heritage Foundation

Cathy Lynn Taylor

Author of "Red Is the New Black: How Women Can Fashion A More Powerful America"

Patrice Lee Onwuka

TV Commentator and IW Political Analyst

Jenn Higgins

Healthcare Lobbyist

Marlene Mieske

Psychiatric Nurse and Philanthropist

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