Tracey Garcia & Amanda Moran

Hair and Makeup Artists, Entrepreneurs, Founders of Style Me Bar

Yvonne S. Boice

Chair, National Endowment of the Humanities, Trust and Member of IWF Board of Directors

Marilinda Garcia

U.S. Representative (R-NH)

Mollie Hemingway

Author, Editor, Journalist, and Fox News Contributor

Megan McArdle

Writer, Author, and Washington Post Columnist

Julie Busha

Entrepreneur and CEO of Slawsa

Riva Litman

Deputy Communications Director of the Republican Conference in the House of Representatives

Kay Hymowitz

Senior Fellow at the Manhattan Institute for Policy Research

Ann Stone

Speaker and Civil Rights Advocate

Lady Margaret Thatcher

Former Prime Minister of the United Kingdom

Darcy Olsen

President and CEO of the Goldwater Institute

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