Chasing Work Shouldn’t Be So Hard

Most Americans want to work. It is the foundation of the American Dream. Work provides purpose, value, fulfillment, and money so we can pursue our own vision of happiness and have a sense of worth.

Unfortunately, some government regulations—like occupational licenses and restrictions on independent contract work—needlessly prevent or restrict our ability to work. 

Today, with the devastating economic damage caused by the novel coronavirus pandemic and the shutdown, it’s more important than ever before that the government gives Americans every opportunity to work. 

By sharing stories of our own challenges with government-imposed barriers to work, we can demonstrate to our elected officials why they should reform laws in our states. 

Workers deserve freedom, flexibility, opportunity, and choice when it comes to work—and the government should get out of the way.

Read stories of people chasing work in spite of the obstacles. Some are succeeding. Some are struggling. All deserve policies that give them a better chance. 

Read their stories. Share yours.