Chasing Work Shouldn’t Be So Hard

The Biden administration released its final rule to determine who can be classified as independent contractors. This rule will be devastating to freelancers nationwide and will have negative economic consequences for entrepreneurs, small businesses, and people who value flexibility, particularly women.

In its new rule, the Biden administration is prioritizing traditional employment over independent work and is willing to force many individuals into those jobs even if they choose not to or cannot work in them. The rule nationalizes the hardship that resulted when California reclassified millions of independent contractors under the infamous AB5.

Hundreds of thousands of freelancers lost their income, businesses, and livelihoods as a result of this decimating policy. Self-employment decreased by 10.5% and overall employment decreased by 4.4% on average for affected occupations.

Workers deserve freedom, flexibility, opportunity, and choice when it comes to work—and the government should get out of the way.

Help us fight back against Biden’s new Department Of Labor rule, which wages war on freelancers and destroys flexibility, by sharing your story about why a flexible work arrangement is right for you.

By sharing your story, we can demonstrate to our elected officials why this new rule needs to be rescinded.

Read their stories. Share yours.