The nature of work is changing rapidly. Independent contractors are a growing proportion of the American workforce—now holding 1 in 5 jobs, from handymen to freelance journalists to photographers. And almost 7 million workers use independent contracting as a secondary source of income.

At a time when the demand for and interest in independent contracting, freelance, and gig economy jobs is exploding, the government is doubling down in their attempt to regulate and restrict them. 

States like California have passed radical and restrictive laws that completely alter, if not outright dissolve, independent contracting relationships. Their legislation, AB5, threatens both independent contractors and employers by forcing businesses to reclassify independent contractors as employees. 

Done under the pretense of “protecting workers’ rights,” this has cost independent contractors jobs, work, income, and the flexibility and freedom they value. To make matters worse, the federal government has considered sweeping legislation that would impose similar restrictions on all workers throughout the country. 

Not all workers want 9-to-5 jobs. We must speak up and stop this dangerous and disastrous threat to independent contractors.

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