Independent Women’s Forum is searching nationwide for stories for Chasing Work, a storytelling campaign about the challenges workers face due to burdensome job licensing requirements. And we want to hear from you.

Have you experienced any challenges or hurdles to secure a job-related license? If so, how did it affect you and your loved ones? Tell us your story.

It is important that you speak up, because this is an issue affecting far too many Americans who want to work, but some of these government regulations make it needlessly hard to enter our desired professions. These government-mandated licenses are justified as necessary to protect public health and safety and to prevent fraud. However, too often the state’s requirements are out of sync with the skills needed for the actual job–and they are costly and unnecessarily burdensome.

Policymakers can remove unnecessary barriers to work, but they need to hear from us. By sharing your story, you can help us show our elected officials why they should reform the occupational licensing policies in our states. Share your story with us today.

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