Incarcerated Women Need and Deserve Female-Only Spaces

As more states allow biological men who identify as women into women’s prisons, few are aware of the grim fallout. Women with histories of trauma and domestic abuse are forced to share their most private and intimate spaces with intact males – many of whom are violent, sexual predators serving time for heinous crimes.

Allowing male offenders to reside in women’s prisons is dangerous and unfair. Put simply, it’s cruel and unusual punishment. These stories stand as a testament to why biological sex matters, especially in institutional settings. Incarcerated women need and DESERVE female-only spaces. Anything less is a violation of their most basic human rights.

The eradication of single-sex prisons is harming female inmates. Protect female inmates.

Stay tuned for the next episodes in our multipart series, Cruel & Unusual Punishment, coming this Spring.