About the Education Freedom Center 

The Education Freedom Center (EFC) advances reforms to unleash a more vibrant education marketplace. We support education funding following students to the education option that best meets their needs. We seek to encourage and inform parents considering educational options for their children. And we amplify the voices of parents who are seeking education flexibility, freedom and opportunity.

The EFC also informs the public about education policies that harm students and disempower parents. We encourage the creation of educational options that focus on academic achievement and create healthy environments for students to learn and thrive. We support a wide array of school choice policies that increase parents’ leverage – including scholarships, charter schools, homeschooling, microschools, and education savings accounts.

The Need for Education Freedom

The Covid-19 pandemic disrupted the lives and education of the nation’s students, and opened parents’ eyes to just how inflexible and unresponsive school districts are to their children’s needs. During the pandemic, teachers’ unions and union-supported school board members fought to keep public schools closed. 

As parents peered into Zoom classrooms, they discovered radical curriculum content, from critical race theory to gender-bending ideology. Even when schools slowly and erratically reopened, parents’ pleas for relief from mask mandates and onerous COVID testing and quarantine policies were ignored.

Parents know that they need leverage. They deserve more control and better options when it comes to their children’s education. They deserve education freedom.  

Education freedom leads to a more innovative, diverse education system that benefits not just students, but parents, teachers, and society generally. School choice policies empower parents with more education options and control over their children’s educational path.

Myth + Fact


School choice programs drain money from public education.

Education funding is intended for the education of children, not for guaranteeing a revenue stream for a particular institution.


School choice benefits the students and families who remain in public schools.

The existence of school choice options should not be a threat to thriving public school systems. In reality, school choice inspires public schools to improve.

Source: Two Truths & A Lie: National School Choice Week

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