National Women’s Sports Week, observed annually during the week of June 23, recognizes female athletes — past, present, and future — for their athletic participation and achievement in sport. 

Title IX, created by Congress as part of the Education Amendments of 1972 to prohibit sex-based discrimination in education, transformed sports by guaranteeing women and girls the right to equal athletic opportunities. 

Before Title IX, only one in 27 girls participated in sports. Today, participation is booming with more than two in five playing. 

  • CHAMPION female athletes for their teamwork, resilience, and success. 
  • HONOR the coaches and parents who support female athletes.
  • FIGHT to ensure the continuation of single-sex athletic competition.



You may have heard that female athletes around the country are having to compete against biological boys and men. Unsurprisingly, many male athletes are setting records and winning competitions, taking slots away from women and girls.

President Biden signed an Executive Order that will make it much easier for males to join females’ teams, for any reason. This will take roster spots and scholarships away from women and girls, and hurt the ability of female athletes to win competitions and awards.

Under Bostock and Biden’s Executive Order, schools will be REQUIRED to let biological male athletes play on women’s teams and compete against female athletes.

Ultimately, this may provide the legal justification for the elimination of all single-sex sports. The science is clear and irrefutable: if females are forced to compete with and against males, they will lose valuable opportunities. IT’S NOT FAIR, and it defeats the purpose of Title IX.

Read their stories. Share yours.  


It will gut Title IX that we worked so hard to get. Nancy Sex & Gender
I cannot imagine what playing would have been like if I was unknowingly playing against males. Katy Sex & Gender
I would have never allowed either of them to compete …. Robert Sex & Gender
The Biden Administration has essentially killed women’s sports. Brenda Sex & Gender
There is a difference between the genders! We are both amazingly strong, but in different ways! Sarah Sex & Gender
It is a scientific fact that males have larger and more muscles, and greater height. Pam Sex & Gender
I can’t believe we are stripping this away from young girls. Brandi Sex & Gender
It’s just not equitable and isn’t that supposed to be what this is about? Peggy Sex & Gender
Females’ rights, equality, and safety are being compromised! Shereen Sex & Gender
It breaks my heart to see the opportunities I had being stripped away. Clare Sex & Gender
Equality means just that – equal rights and equal opportunities regardless of … sex. Bobbi Sex & Gender
Women are not men with lowered testosterone. Beth Sex & Gender

Myth + Fact


Allowing transgender women to compete on female athletic teams is a step toward inclusion that doesn’t hurt anyone.

Trans-athletes are only seeking inclusion, and their participation on sports teams doesn’t hurt anyone. As Alex Schmider, GLAAD’s Associate Director of Transgender Representation, said, “There’s no evidence in the 18 states with policies that allow transgender athletes to participate on teams consistent with their gender identity that inclusion negatively impacts athletic programs.”


Every time a transgender woman secures a spot on an elite women’s team or wins a scholarship reserved for female athletes, a biological female loses an opportunity.

Two transgender sprinters in Connecticut have won at least 15 state women’s titles between them, prompting biologically female runners to file a lawsuit against the state athletic association. Competitive sports, as opposed to non-competitive or intramural sports, are not supposed to be inclusive. Varsity teams are selective; colleges recruit athletes to fill their rosters; there are, inevitably, winners and losers.

Source: FACT CHECK: Does Allowing Male-Bodied Students To Compete As Women Negatively Impact Athletic Programs?

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