Male Players on Women’s Teams Have “All the Rights”—And This Coach’s Hands Are Tied

By Ashley McClure

Disclaimer: This profile includes explicit language that may be considered profane to some readers. Reader discretion is advised.

This spring, hockey coach Sandra Miles* will face an impossible choice: allow male athletes to play on her women’s adult recreational team, or shut down the league. Operating in New York, a state that bans “discrimination” based on “gender identity or expression,” she might not have a choice. 

“My desperation for this to be dealt with is through the roof,” Miles told Independent Women’s Forum. “I also manage women’s pickup games, and we have a slew of ‘trans’ players who are trying to fight to be on the list to play.” 

If these biological males successfully join the women’s games, Miles said she anticipates that a large number of women will drop out. 

While this season appears to be a tipping point for Miles and her team, she said the problem began two years ago. 

“One of my [female] players cornered me in the parking lot and said, ‘Hey, my wife would really like to play—but she’s trans,’” Miles recalled. “I was concerned because I had seen the individual play in a men’s tournament, and he was way too good to be playing beginner rec hockey. But everyone else seemed to be okay with it.”

A few weeks later, Miles said she found out that the male player had allegedly been going “full frontal” in the women’s locker room, exposing himself to female players. In one instance, she said she witnessed it herself:

“I was sitting in one corner of the locker room, and there was another player sitting in another corner,” Miles said. “The male player was in that corner too, and he stood up naked, pointed his erect penis directly at her, and had a full conversation like that.”

The player’s inappropriate and potentially illegal behavior wasn’t confined to the women’s locker room. According to Miles, the male player frequently exposed himself in public, even at family-friendly events.

As an example, Miles described their 2023 end-of-year party, saying, “The male player decided to wear a miniskirt with athletic shorts underneath and put his leg up on a chair so that everyone could see straight-up balls sticking out.”

“There were kids there,” she added.

Adding to his alleged inappropriate behavior off the ice, Miles said his superior strength and experience playing hockey endangered her female players and made it extremely difficult for them to practice. 

“None of them knew how to play because he controls the play so much. They don’t even know how to break out of the defensive zone because he spent all of last season stealing the puck from his own teammates,” Miles said. 

Not only are Miles’ players unable to get the practice they need, she said that other recreational teams in the area are afraid to play against them because of his aggressive behavior.

“Our reputation as a team has been shattered,” Miles said. “Other teams are hesitant to schedule against us, and there is division within our own team. Out of the 55 people involved, over 30 of them have told me that they’re concerned, and some won’t play if the male is playing.” 

Miles said that she directly asked the male player why he insisted on playing at the beginner level, since it “couldn’t be fun” for him. According to Miles, his response was that he “enjoyed mentoring the ladies.” 

“That’s just creepy,” she said. 

While Miles said that she has tried to seek out ways to legally prevent this male from continuing to play with women, the situation in New York seems hopeless.

“The only advice we have gotten, from a retired New York judge, is that the only thing we can do [to ensure he leaves] is to cancel the whole team,” Miles said. “Trans players have all of the rights, and we have none. I am so sad that we can’t protect women.”

*To protect the identity of the storyteller, a pseudonym has been used throughout. 

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