Our nation is stronger when as many workers as possible can fully participate in the labor market.

Freelancing and independent contracting offer individuals the chance to work despite personal circumstances that would make traditional positions difficult or impossible. Today, there are over 55 million freelancers—close to half of whom are women. Women overwhelmingly value flexibility. Parenting, caregiving for aging parents, sickness, disability, and school schedules are just a few of the reasons that some workers want to work on their own schedule, rather than a traditional 9-to-5. Nearly half of freelancers (46%) report that they cannot work in a traditional job for these reasons.

Policymakers should advance public policy solutions that protect and encourage flexible work. Instead, lawmakers are advancing policy that restricts freelance work and independent contracting across America, particularly women and caregivers.

The Protecting the Right to Organize Act (PRO Act), endorsed by President Joe Biden and backed by Democrats, would effectively reclassify tens of millions of workers as employees. This bill is a direct assault on independence and entrepreneurship in America. The result will be lost jobs, lost income, and small business closures.

Read the following perspectives of individual freelancers and independent contractors from across the country who stand to lose if the PRO Act becomes law.

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