On May 1, The Independent Women’s Forum will host a panel discussion in New York City titled “From Helicopters to Hazmat: How the Culture of Alarmism is Making Parenting a Dangerous Job.”

Alarmists know that women are increasingly becoming the primary breadwinners for their households while also handling the bulk of the domestic responsibilities. To add to the stress, terrifying headlines about child safety, food and agriculture, chemicals, and everyday household products bombard women daily.

Rather than make women feel more informed, the onslaught of alarmist information makes moms (and dads!) feel guilty, confused, even angry, while doing very little to alter their choices and behaviors.

With this panel, the Independent Women’s Forum hopes to reach out to parents and explain how activist organizations, the media, and government regulators work together to nurture a “culture of alarmism,” which keeps parents worried in the hopes that they will demand government action. But most importantly, IWF hopes to offer parents reassurance that the world isn’t as dangerous as the alarmists will have them believe.