The number of transgender-identifying youth has nearly doubled in recent years, leaving parents, educators, medical professionals, and politicians at odds over what policies will best protect the long-term health and well-being of children. As a one-sided echo chamber pushes an “affirmation-only” model — which promotes “preferred” names and pronouns, experimental drugs, and medically invasive surgeries that leave children with irreversible damage to their developing bodies — a growing share of the public feels silenced and ignored.

In response, Independent Women’s Forum is producing a multi-part documentary called “Identity Crisis,” which tells a series of stories that the transgender movement doesn’t want the public to hear.

The videos feature detransitioners who warn of the harms of socially and medically “transitioning,” mothers whose daughters fell victim to gender ideology, and medical professionals who say their industry has been “captured” by political correctness.

As more individuals come to experience the harms of the gender ideology movement first-hand, the stories of detransitioners, parents, and experts are impossible to ignore. While much of the media continues to block them out, Independent Women’s Forum is giving them a voice. Watch, learn, and share.

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