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Young women should understand how the decisions they make, such as the degrees and majors they pursue, will impact future earnings. Additionally, some research suggests that women are less likely to negotiate salary offers and ask for raises. That’s important and empowering information to have: Women can learn to ask for raises, and we can teach our daughters to be comfortable talking about money. This alone will not close the so-called wage gap, but it’s an under-appreciated aspect of workplace disparities.
Career Advice

20 Questions for Working Moms or Moms-to-be

Hadley Heath Manning | Blog
Career Advice

Video | Fighting Degree Inflation

Patrice Onwuka & Michele Vogt | Video
Career Advice

The Bad Advice Young Women Are Getting from Mindy Kaling

Naomi Schaefer Riley | Op-Ed
Career Advice

Sey Says: Working Mom Guilt, Work-Life Balance, and Mothering Kids With a Big Age Gap

Julie Gunlock & Jennifer Sey | Bespoke Podcast
Career Advice

Jeanette Duffy on Dressing Women for Success

Patrice Onwuka & Jeanette Duffy | She Thinks Podcast
Career Advice

Want To Grow Your Nonprofit? Stop Fundraising

Jennifer Stefano | Op-Ed
Career Advice

#IWFReads June Book Club Featuring Sarah Frey

Carrie Sheffield & Sarah Frey | Event
Career Advice

#IWFReads Author Chat with Dana Perino

Jennifer C. Braceras | Event
Career Advice

The Not-So-Secret Way to Getting Rich

Carrie Lukas | Blog
Career Advice

Building Your Talent Pipeline in 2021

Patrice Onwuka | Op-Ed
Career Advice

Actress Caroline Sunshine on Her Journey From Hollywood To the White House

Beverly Hallberg & Caroline Sunshine | She Thinks Podcast
Career Advice

COVID And Women—Their Careers, Businesses At Risk If We Don’t Reopen Soon

Senator Joni Ernst & Carrie Lukas | Op-Ed

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