In the U.S., economic mobility is not only a possibility, but a reality for millions of people because ingenuity and hard work are rewarded. Each person owns her labor, property, and resources (capitalism) and can determine how to create value for society (economic freedom) rather than be directed and controlled by a central government. Government’s role in our economy should be limited, low taxes and sensible regulations, rather than wasteful red tape, so that people have flexibility and opportunity as workers and consumers.

She Thinks | Policy Focus: Repealing Burdensome IRS Form 1099-K Reporting Rules

Patrice Onwuka joins the podcast to discuss this month’s policy focus: the IRS. The 1099-K tax form may lead to increased confusion and even a higher tax bill for you this year. If you’re one of the millions of people who resell items online or use gig platforms to supplement…

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