While the overwhelming majority of the American public recognizes and values basic equality between the sexes, only a minority of both women and men call themselves “feminists.” Too often, the concerns of modern feminism seem to track more closely with a laundry list of priorities of the progressive left than they do with the concerns of the majority of women, who – according to social science research – tend to value flexibility, interpersonal relationships, and family. Those who claim to speak “for women” all too often find themselves in conflict with the actual expressed priorities of women across the country.

Biological Male Smashes Women’s Swimming Records At Penn

Jennifer C. Braceras | Blog

‘The side of protecting women’ | Wilmington attorney seeks seat on DIAA Transgender Policy Sub-Committee

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Madeleine Kearns – On the State of Womanhood in 2021

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Batya Ungar-Sargon – On Woke Media and Working Class Dignity

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#IWFReads November Author Chat with Abigail Tucker

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The Erasure of Women

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5 Top Script-Flipping Highlights From The Equal Rights Amendment Hearing

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Senior Policy Analyst Inez Feltscher Stepman Testifies on the Equal Rights Amendment to House Oversight Committee

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Feminism’s Folly and the Future of Free Speech

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Women’s Sports, Parenting Without Cell Phones, and Standing Up to the Mobs

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Emily Jashinsky – On the Cultural Impact of Government Spending and Gen Z’s Sex-Negative Turn

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The Bernie-Biden Budget Bill Will Hammer Minority-Women-Owned Small Businesses

Patrice Onwuka | Op-Ed

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