We all want health care we can trust – high quality, fair prices, everyone covered, no surprises.  America’s medical system offers some of the best health care in the world. But how we pay for health care is broken. Bad government policy has changed the role of health insurance, moving it away from protection against financial risk and making it instead a middleman in nearly every healthcare transaction. Overall, health care poses a very high cost burden for Americans because we lack a competitive, transparent, patient-centered marketplace. Structural reform is needed.

Two Truths and a Lie: Female Genital Mutilation

Everyone loves the party game/icebreaker “two truths and a lie.” Let’s see what you know about the important and underreported problem of Female Genital Mutilation. Can you spot which of the following statements is a lie? A. Female Genital Mutilation has no health benefits.B. Female Genital Mutilation is only a…

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