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America’s colleges and universities have long relied on taxpayer-backed loans for the survival of their business model. Unfortunately, this intrusion by the federal government has also driven the cost of a degree far above inflation, created an unprecedented generational debt problem and credentialing “treadmill,” and freed colleges to embark on a bloated administrative spending spree. Between this financial waste and universities’ repeated failures to uphold basic standards of free speech and intellectual diversity, it’s high time the American public reconsider whether its investments in higher education should continue.
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Takeaways: Taxing Universities

Inez Feltscher Stepman | Takeaways
Higher Ed

Policy Focus: Taxing Universities

Inez Feltscher Stepman | Policy Focus
Higher Ed

Student Loan Forgiveness Needs Congressional Authorization, Supreme Court Rules

May Mailman | Blog
Higher Ed

Expect Massive Resistance to Supreme Court’s Ruling in Students for Fair Admissions v. Harvard

Kristin Shapiro | Blog
Higher Ed

Student Loan Payment Pause Made Overall Debt Worse

Makenna McCoy | Blog
Higher Ed

How to avoid professors who penalize conservatives

Karin Lips | Op-Ed
Higher Ed

Policy Chat | Fighting Degree Inflation

Patrice Onwuka, Lorena Riely, Inez Feltscher Stepman & Stacey Guber | Event
Higher Ed

Julie and Cathy’s Parenting News Roundup

Julie Gunlock & Cathy Holman | Bespoke Podcast
Higher Ed

IW Files Official Comment Opposing New Title IX Rule That Would Gut Women’s Sports; Drives 20,000 Public Comments

Press Team | Press Release
Higher Ed

Alternative Paths to College Debt

Patrice Onwuka | Op-Ed
Higher Ed

Patrice Onwuka: Policy Focus: Fighting Degree Inflation

Beverly Hallberg & Patrice Onwuka | She Thinks Podcast
Higher Ed

Hearing | Examining Alternative Paths to Student Debt That Can Help to Strengthen Small Business

Patrice Onwuka | Testimony

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