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Public trust in the media has fallen to a record low simply due to biased reporting in today’s news coverage. Outlets can regain public trust by welcoming more diversity of thought. Furthermore, there is a double standard in the media too often suffered by some women, who are frequently excluded from calls for greater civility and respect. Sadly, these women often face vile attacks from the media and others that focus on their sex, their bodies, their appearance, or other purposeful distractions from their qualifications and ideas. We should not tolerate this against any woman – left, right, or center.

Best Commentary Yet on Ricky Gervais at Golden Globes

Hymowitz: Finding (Gervais) funny—and millions of us did—requires thinking your average Hollywood bigshot is no more knowledgeable or interesting on the great issues of our time than my great aunt Gladys, even though they genuinely think they are.

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