National Defense

Freedom is fundamental to our country, and in every generation it needs defending. In our time, in a world of proliferating perils, this requires a strong and agile military, both for defense and the vital mission of deterrence. It also needs a keen appreciation of the importance of individual freedom, and a willingness to stand up for America’s hard-earned and well-deserved role as leader of the Free World.
National Defense

EU Commission To Propose New Sanctions On Russia

Claudia Rosett | TV
National Defense

Foreign Fighters Swarm to Ukraine, Sowing Future Conflict

Aleksandra Gadzala Tirziu | Op-Ed
National Defense

What Is China’s Stance On The War In Ukraine?

Dr. Nan Hayworth | TV
National Defense

Video | Russia’s War and America’s Follies

Claudia Rosett & Michele Vogt | Video
National Defense

Biden’s New Iran Deal Legally Requires Congressional Review

Ellie Cohanim | Op-Ed
National Defense

Between the Promise and the Practice of VA Care

Rebecca Burgess | Op-Ed
National Defense

Claudia Rosett – On What Can Be Done in Ukraine and America’s Crisis of Decadence in a Dangerous World

Inez Feltscher Stepman & Claudia Rosett | High Noon Podcast
National Defense

Two Truths And A Lie: Russia’s War And America’s Follies

Claudia Rosett | Two Truths and a Lie
National Defense

Takeaways: Russia’s War and America’s Follies

Claudia Rosett | Takeaways
National Defense

FACT CHECK: Is Our Dependence On Fossil Fuels Enabling Russian Aggression?

Charlotte Whelan | Unicorn Fact Check
National Defense

Biden’s Feckless Energy Policies Are Making The Ukraine Crisis Far Worse

Kelsey Bolar | Op-Ed
National Defense

Policy Focus: Russia’s War And America’s Follies

Claudia Rosett | Policy Focus

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