America still stands as the world’s most powerful country, a global force for shaping a world order that prizes liberty and human dignity. But the 21st century has seen proliferating threats by despotisms, terrorist groups and other malign actors, targeting the U.S. and what it stands for, and seeking to reorient the world order in ways that stifle freedom. The greatest threat today comes from an increasingly totalitarian and aggressive China, allied with such predatory tyrannies as Russia, Iran and North Korea. In standing up to these threats, America is mounting a vital defense of our own freedom and security, and the future of a civilized and peaceful world order.
Biden’s Border Debacle Biden’s Border Debacle

Biden’s Border Debacle

The Biden administration’s handling of the U.S. border has been catastrophic, causing significant damage to national security and public safety. Recent events underscore the gravity…

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