Political Correctness

Too often, anyone who stands against political correctness and for independent thinking is labeled as a bigot or worse. The effort to depress dissenting viewpoints in the name of political correctness not only inhibits the free speech of those who remain silent because they fear being ostracized, it is toxic to our society as a whole. It suppresses the free exchange of ideas and precludes us from finding the best solutions to our problems. For civil and productive policy discussions to thrive, we should work towards a more freethinking and inclusive society.
Political Correctness

NAIA’s new rules on transgender people in women’s sports rebuke the Left’s insanity

Kaylee McGhee White | Op-Ed
Political Correctness

Eric Kaufmann: Does the Rise of Wokeness Explain the Mental Health Crisis?

Beverly Hallberg & Eric Kaufmann | She Thinks Podcast
Political Correctness

Madeleine Kearns – How Our Gender Battles Leave Out Truth and the Inadequacies of New Atheism

Inez Feltscher Stepman & Madeleine Kearns | High Noon Podcast
Political Correctness

Joe Biden’s Easter insult in the name of trans activism

Ginny Gentles | Op-Ed
Political Correctness

After Dark – The Unbreakable Media Bubble and the Quiet Return of #MeToo

Inez Feltscher Stepman & Emily Jashinsky | High Noon Podcast
Political Correctness

Biden’s authoritarian language games are catnip for the far-Left

Madeline Fry Schultz | Op-Ed
Political Correctness

Parents, don’t avoid the lie that gender ideology propagates — confront it 

Elizabeth Grace Matthew | Op-Ed
Political Correctness

Sympathy for the Devil

Jill Jacobson | Op-Ed
Political Correctness

Harvard shrugs off antisemitism and faces the consequences

Rachel Chiu & Jill Jacobson | Op-Ed
Political Correctness

Rachel Bovard – On Making the Senate Work and the New Virtue Signaling Big Business

Inez Feltscher Stepman & Rachel Bovard | High Noon Podcast
Political Correctness

The new censorship: Not recognizing conservative campus clubs

Karin Lips | Op-Ed
Political Correctness

Hadley Heath Manning on Medical Malpractice: The AAP Demonizes Non-Affirming Parents

Julie Gunlock & Hadley Heath Manning | Bespoke Podcast

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