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IWF.org articles regarding the Judiciary:

Federal Appeals Court's Texas v. Azar Decision Upholds the Paramount Principle of Limited Government.
December 18 2019

VIDEO: Who Makes the Law?
October 22 2019
by IWF Staff

Video: Introducing Independent Women's Law Center
September 30 2019
by IWF Staff

Conservative Women Have Role To Play In Saving Our Courts
Daily Caller
September 27 2019
by Erin Hawley

Legal Brief: The Historic Supreme Court
September 1 2019
by Erin Hawley

Partisan politics blocks a qualified judicial appointment in N.H.
Boston Globe
July 22 2019
by Jennifer C. Braceras

Two Truths and a Lie: Federal Judiciary
July 16 2019
by Jennifer C. Braceras

Democratic Presidential Candidates Are Seeking To ‘Pack’ The Supreme Court
The Daily Caller
July 10 2019
by Jennifer C. Braceras

Supreme Court Reaches Verdict on 2020 Census Question • Your World with Neil Cavuto
June 27 2019
by Patrice Lee Onwuka

After Judge Neomi Rao Is Confirmed, Senate Dems Continue Obstruction
March 16 2019
by Jennifer C. Braceras

I Support Survivors and Stand With Kavanaugh
October 5 2018
by Patrice Lee Onwuka

I stand with Brett Kavanaugh
Fox News
September 22 2018
by Andrea Bottner

Brett Kavanaugh and the limits of hashtag feminism
The Boston Globe
September 19 2018
by Jennifer C. Braceras

Why Women Should Support Judge Kavanaugh's Nomination
Real Clear Policy
September 10 2018
by Erin Hawley

Brett Kavanaugh's Supreme Court nomination offers a chance to fight sexism against all women
Washington Examiner
July 12 2018
by Patrice Lee Onwuka

Reaffirming Court’s Commitment to the Constitution
Inside Sources
July 1 2018
by Erin Hawley

What do Justice Kennedy's concurrences mean for the future of the Supreme Court?
The Hill
June 27 2018
by Erin Hawley

Legal Brief: The Janus Case: Public Union Dues
January 19 2018
by Erin Hawley

Legal Brief: Trinity Lutheran: The Blockbuster in a Quiet Supreme Court Term
August 7 2017
by Erin Hawley

New OIRA Administrator Neomi Rao is a Win for Women
June 29 2017
by Carrie Lukas

Neil Gorsuch and the Senate's Convoluted Supreme Court Confirmation Dance
Fox News
March 20 2017
by Erin Hawley

Legal Brief: The Ginsburg Rule
March 17 2017
by Erin Hawley

Legal Brief: The Irreplaceable Justice Scalia
October 26 2016
by Erin Hawley

It’s Time To Make The Supreme Court Boring Again
The Federalist
October 21 2016
by Erin Hawley

Policy Focus: King v. Burwell
February 25 2015
by Hadley Heath

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