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October 17 2016

Podcast #56 Reasonable Mom's Pushing Back On Food Alarmism

featuring Julie Gunlock

IWF's Julie Gunlock is joined by Kavin Senapathy in this week's podcast to discuss IWF's event Reasonable Mom's Unite. Kavin and Julie talked about the pressure moms are under to feed their kids in a certain way. Moms do not need to spend extra at the grocery store in order to feed their children nutritionally. The mom shaming and guilt tripping does nothing to help families but it does help the organic and boutique food companies that charge more for nutritionally equal food. Reasonable moms need to push back on this narrative and reassure moms that keeping a budget at the grocery store doesn't make you a bad mom. RSVP for the event here: www.eventbrite.com/e/reasonable-mo…ets-27995983741

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