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November 10 2016

Dem Voters In Colorado Fear Socialized Medicine

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featuring Hadley Heath

Colorado's rejection of single-payer healthcare is something that one health expert believes other states and the federal government should pay close attention to.

Amendment 69 would have created something known as ColoradoCare. Despite endorsements from former presidential candidate Sen. Bernie Sanders (D-Vt.), along with Leftist filmmaker Michael Moore, the people of Colorado voted an overwhelming "No" on the measure to enforce it.

"I think the voters of Colorado made a good decision," expressed Hadley Heath Manning, who serves with the Colorado-based Independent Women's Forum. "I'm sure – for many different reasons – some voters were probably concerned about the budgetary impact. Some voters were [also] probably concerned about the impact on our state's healthcare system – and all those are valid concerns – and this is a repudiation of government-run healthcare … and something I hope other states and the federal government will pay attention to."

Another thing that is noteworthy is the fact that the state of Colorado was not overwhelmingly Republican in the election.

"We re-elected a Democratic senator, the state's electoral college votes are in Clinton's favor, and yet even a state that has a majority of voters choosing Democratic candidates voted heavily against this state-run healthcare issue," Manning points out. "So that should be something for both parties to consider – [that] this isn't such a partisan issue as it may seem … it's just that the American people and the people of Colorado don't want the government to be running out healthcare."

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