All Americans want workers to have paid time off when they or loved ones are ill, or following the birth or adoption of a child. 

The good news is that most full-time workers have paid leave benefits, and companies are increasingly offering and expanding paid leave benefits for all of their workers. 

However, some workers—particularly low-income workers—don’t have benefits or as generous benefits as they need.  

  • They need and deserve help.  
  • Any government program should focus specifically on helping people who lack benefits today. 

Unfortunately, the new, proposed federal paid leave program doesn’t target assistance at those who need it, but rather would sweep away existing paid leave packages for all American workers

Millions of American workers who right now like their paid leave benefits and compensation benefits will end up worse off as a result: they will lose flexibility and income, and have less generous paid leave benefits.

Worse, government paid leave programs tend to result in:

There are better ways to help workers who need it, without new taxes, new mandates, or disrupting the work arrangement of every single American worker. Learn more about those options here