I am a special education teacher and my experience is that this is the WORST thing we’ve ever done to children. The anxiety, behaviors and avoidance I have witnessed with my own students is a daily challenge. My general education colleagues are faced with parents screaming at them because they themselves don’t understand the technology they are being asked to operate and I personally know of several instances of students dealing with mental health issues who had never had these issues before. This is madness and children need to be in school. In Nashville where I teach, our middle and high schoolers haven’t seen the inside of a building since March 11, 2020! Elementary briefly returned after fall break only to be sent home again the week of Thanksgiving because basically the powers that be don’t want us in person. They save thousands of dollars not heating/cooling schools, no fuel expenses for busses, and on and on. We are literally on the brink of destroying children for decades to come, as they won’t be prepared at all for adulthood.