My daughter is 16 yrs old and a junior in high school. Today I got a call that she has to be quarantined for 14 days due to a supposed exposure to Covid-19. She is on the varsity basketball team and plays a major role in their success. There are 4 games, and they must win 2 of those 4 to go to the playoffs. They have beat 3 of those teams already. Several games were very close games. She will not be able to play in any of these games. If they make the playoffs, she will be able to play after Feb 3. I expressed my concern to the school and asked about the week quarantined with no symptoms and then get a Covid test. They said no, when I checked the schools guidelines, they state they are following the county’s guidelines, and the county does list the 7 days with no symptoms and negative test, a person can come out. My daughter has cried all day and devastated, she’s worked for this moment since kindergarten. This is the first year her team has a chance at the playoffs and her junior year. It seems all this hard-work was all in vain for her and she will never be able to relive this moment. She feels as if she is letting the team down and knows they need her. These strict rules are unnecessary. I can understand the 7 days with a negative test, but 14 days is unnecessary.