As a single mother, this has been really hard for me. I have to make decisions to comply with my expectations. My son is 10 years old and has done it very well. But interacting with others, it’s been so difficult to just be at home, not making any kind of sports, just gaining weight, no music classes (physical I mean), he will need glasses in the future (‘cause for the use of the laptop). Also, no reading a book, no writing in notebooks.

To me, they are learning a lot but for some others going back. Kids need to jump (sports), have friends, talk to others, play in the ground, have communications with others. They are loosing a lot of knowledge, just being home, playing with their table, their laptop or computer. I have to bring my kid to a nutritionist ‘cause he was gaining weight and that can’t be.

Also, they have free food at school but how can a mother or father go and pick up a free lunch, go back home, bring a lunch to them, and go back to work?


They should have a transportation delivery to a house (like they do in NJ) or these kids that are taking remote classes, give them a card with the money to buy their food.

There is no help at all. We as parents with kids with remote classes need more support. I DON’T HAVE NOBODY TO TAKE CARE OF MY KID.


There is no day care open for me to trust anyone with my kid. It’s very hard.

How should I pay my utilities bills, car, car insurance, rent, food, etc. etc. etc.?

That’s why a lot of people are behind with bills and rents.

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