I was keeping my grand babies after their Mom had to return to work. My 7 yr. old who is usually such a sweet, active child started becoming a totally different child after about 4 weeks of virtual schooling. She would ignore the alarm that her Mom set for her to sign onto class, lied about having homework, whined to go outside, quit eating breakfast and even lunch a lot of times. Her Mom was afraid to send her to class since she had a newborn when school first started and wasn’t sure about covid spreading and bringing it home to the baby. When her Mom started seeing the change in her, we knew something must change. One morning as my sweet granddaughter was signing into class, I snapped this photo that just nearly broke my heart to see her quietly crying as she saw her class on the screen. Her Mom soon had her back in class and my sweet granddaughter is her self again. We cannot isolate these babies when it’s not necessary. It’s very damaging to their mental health.