My son has not been in person for school in almost one year now. Despite resounding evidence that children are not at risk our school remains closed. At our board meeting they voted to for remote or in person for two days per week at 50% capacity. The vote was 5-4 to open and the head of the board changed the bylaws on the slot such that you needed a super majority for a public health issue. The school remains closed and my son is getting an inferior education. I feel the parents have no voice against very powerful teachers unions and some teachers who likely enjoy working remote. The children are supposed to be our highest priority as a society but the actions of our public public schools and state leaders indicated there are other priorities. We have all noticed as parents that everyone in the private sector has been harmed by the pandemic (more hours, staying home to teach our kids, no raised, bonuses gone and the worst a closed business or unemployment) while our ruling class (government employees) has continued to be paid, health care benefits and pensions funded).